With air navigation, AirYacht reinvents the art of cruising, with the greatest respect for our ecosystem.

Naval and aeronautical, the best of both worlds

AirYacht draws on the best of two worlds: naval and aeronautical and relies on exceptional partners.

AirYacht’s credibility is based on an existing and recognized technological reality. Innovation is omnipresent and reaches new heights.

The AIRSHIP : Safe & Sustainable

At the forefront of an air transport new era, AirYacht will use the largest rigid airship to come on earth as a flying vector. Safe and certified, it will be filled with helium, it will reduce drastically the energy need for air navigation and have no impact on visited places (no ground infrastructure).

Among key features and innovation areas

The landing : Adaptable to all types of environments : Ground or water.

The structure : Hybrid of nautical and aeronautical concepts.

The use of resources : Water recycling, energy optimization, fuel cell, etc.