AirYacht : the sky’s cruise ship 

Experience life in the sky, the best place to admire unreachable perspectives on our planet.

Be relieved to enjoy while preserving earth from footprints and emissions.

 Reconnect to the planet

AirYacht is an invitation to rediscover the most beautiful sites on the planet with almost zero footprint. The extraordinary navigation, floating above the earth, everywhere!

It is no longer a desire, but a reality.

AirYacht has achieved the technological feat of flying the equivalent of a 60m yacht, a 750m2 luxury detachable dwelling, thanks to a 200 m long airship.

Enjoying and preserving

Airship cruises will open new destinations, without affecting the visited places : No road, no airport, no degradations…

The chance to reach and enjoy without damaging the nature!


Length : 200 m

Height : 50 m

Speed : 0 to 50 knts

Range & autonomy : adaptable with set-up and speed

A new space of freedom on Earth

Enjoying fantastic views in complete serenity, landing in previously unimagined places.

Take time to reconnect with loved ones, with senses, with nature. AirYacht.


Housing : 750 m2

Terraces : 350 m2

Tonnage : 750 GT

Set-up customizable from 10 to 32 guests.