The encounter of the magical and the pragmatic 

The founders : Innovative Engineers and Creative Realists

We are 2 experienced engineers, we had complementary experiences with high business and technical responsibilities, but more important, we share a passion : FLYING

For Guillaume Hoddé airplane and speed riding, for Matthieu Ozanne paragliding and ultra-light aircraft. And that’s because we neither fly the same aircrafts nor at the same altitudes that our perceptions are complementary.


Our ambition is to create an extraordinary and sustainable way of experiencing luxury while discovering new horizons.

By opening the 3rd dimension to cruises, AirYacht is an invitation to re-connect to our planet, while enjoying everything yachting can offer.

Earth will never be as beautiful as seen from the sky

AirYacht SA

was founded in Switzerland on the shore of the Lake Leman, French and Swiss, at the heart of Europe.

We develop and produce exclusive AirYachts to our customers that will operate them as “airship cruise companies”. A complete maintenance program will also be managed by AirYacht SA and its partners worldwide.

Visionary companies have already put options on the first AirYachts, targeting the first airship cruises opened to the public by 2027.


Innovation and technology are omnipresent in AirYacht project. Greedy for varied and complementary skills, the desire to move forward with the best is inalienable.

To this end, AirYacht has entrusted the development of the airship to the most prestigious of expert partner, and other industrial partners are joining the adventure as it unfolds: Franck Darnet Design for the residence interior and exterior design, but also structural partners, naval architects, aeronautical engineers, and regulation experts.

AirYacht also benefits from the valuable support of the Swiss local authorities, especially the one of Canton of Vaud.